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  • Dreamhost and WordPress Setup

    In this session, we will help you sign up for a web hosting plan, register a domain name (e.g. yourname.com), and create your class blog. You will be given a Dreamhost discount code that gives you cheap Dreamhost shared hosting ($20 for one year, or $50 for two years). You are not required to use Dreamhost, but it is the option we are promoting due to the significant discount they offered us.

    URL: https://betasignup.dreamhost.com/shared/email/

    Set up Dreamhost and Install WordPress

    Click through the screenshots to see the process step by step.

    Create a Post

    Go to www.yourdomain.com/blog/wp-admin (the exact link is in the email you received with the WordPress account information). The Username and Password are the same as the ones for the Dreamhost account.

    Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the WordPress dashboard. We’re going to create a new post by hovering over Posts in the left hand menu, and selecting “Add New” from the list of selections.


    In this window, we’re able to give a title to our blog post and to write the text in the main textbox. Try it out.

    Add Media

    We can also add photos and other media by selecting the Upload/Insert button on the upper left side of your textbox.


    In order to upload a photo from our computer into our blog post, first either drag and drop the image into the appropriate box or browse to it from WordPress. Then wait for the file to load, scroll down and then select “insert into post” at the bottom.


    Embed Media

    To embed a video from Vimeo or Youtube in WordPress version 2.9 and above, you can simply paste the URL of the video and WordPress will recognize it as an embeddable object. This doesn’t work with every site – WordPress has whitelisted certain commonly used services. You can read more about how to embed videos and images into wordpress here.

    Customize your blog’s appearance

    There are thousands of pre-made themes for WordPress, both free and paid. A couple of sites that have some nice, free ones:



    To change your blog’s theme from WordPress’ control panel, follow these steps: