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  • Week 01: Introduction and Class Overview


    This first class lecture focuses on website and interaction design projects that Professor Woo designed and developed. Woo has worked in the industry for the last decade and recently received his Master’s Degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University (NYU) where he combined his passion for design and new technologies. He is Founder and CEO of datavisual, a web-based software application for designers with limited programming skills. datavisual allows users to design data visualizations that can be easily modified with datasets and output for print and web purposes.

    We will then cover the course syllabus and review the requirements for the entire semester and discuss the importance of the four Ds: Discover, Define, Design and Develop.

    In Class Assignment

    1. Set up a Dropbox account
    2. Setup a blog for this class
    3. Send me the email address you used for the Dropbox account and the URL for your blog to dwoo@qc.cuny.edu
    Lecture Slides PDF