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  • Week 11: CSS Frameworks, Responsive CSS and FTP Upload


    Today we will talk about a few HTML and CSS frameworks (HTML5 Boilerplate, 960gs, Bootstrap and Foundation) that can be used rather than creating everything on your own from scratch. You can also override styles in these frameworks if you want to customize anything. We will also go over how to program responsive websites using CSS that work with mobile phones and tablets. And lastly we will go over how to upload your code to your server for all to view online.

    Dreamhost has given us a deal on hosting $1.67 a month with a free domain name included.

    In Class Assignment:

    Continue programming your websites. For extra credit try to incorporate what you learned today and make your website responsive and mobile friendly.


    Finish programming your secondary pages. Put all your files in the Dropbox folder when the HTML and CSS is complete.