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  • Week 12: Basics of JavaScript and jQuery Workshop


    Today we will be covering the basics of JavaScript and jQuery which is just a framework that uses JavaScript. JavaScript can be used to make your static HTML and CSS website much more interactive and dynamic. One of the great things about JavaScript is that it is included in most modern browsers and on all modern devices. There are also many other JavaScript frameworks out there other than jQuery including D3js, ThreeJS, and DojoJS that have already created functions for you that you can refer to and use in your own code.

    If you are interested in learning more about JavaScript here are a few helpful links:
    Visualizing JS Syllabus, Taught by Stewart Smith
    jQuery Intro to JavaScript
    JavaScript and jQuery, by Jon Duckett

    Here are some libraries and code examples that might be helpful for what you are creating:
    Pop Up Image Modal | Example | Code | Library Used
    Scroll to a Section of Your One Page Website | Example | Code | Library Used
    Parallax Scrolling | Example | Code | Library Used
    Image Carousel | Example | Code | Library Used
    Dropdown Menu (CSS) | Example | Code
    PHP Email Form (PHP) | Example | Code

    Here are a few awesome websites that show how powerful JavaScript can be:
    NY Times Article
    Alexander Chen’s Work
    Stewart Smith’s Work
    Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown Music Video
    Arcade Fire’s Reflektor Music Video
    Google Chrome Experiments

    Lecture Slides

    In Class Assignment:

    Continue working on your websites using HTML and CSS. If you are feeling a little more adventurous go ahead and start playing around with some JavaScript or jQuery functions to add some more interactivity to your site.


    Continue to make progress on your website.